Everything around us is an array of colors, some people prefer to wear black & while others enjoy bright patterns & abstract design.

Could the colors you see actually influence the way you feel & the decision you make in your life?. There is a story, why people have certain favourite colors.

Colors can portray many different feelings, moods and even thinking.

We the Team STORY have studied the feelings of individuals & come up with a concept of COLOR & FIT.

By looking at facts more in-depth by the COLOR & FITS, we are offering a wide range of products to a person to choose & include in their everyday life.

We have worked towards it and streamlined our product to provide a wide range with a mix of COLORS and a good FIT for more comfort.

Garment Fitting plays a vital role & very important factor. We have heard people saying, color is good but fit is not appropriate. We have worked with the expert & benchmarked this factor.

We have studied the FIT in depth. Note- a good pattern maker has to have almost equal understanding of human body motions as a doctor.

Body shape of person is widely different & it is classified as Hour Glass, inverted Triangle, rectangle, triangle, Diamond & oval.

Does, Human body grow in equal proportions ??

Of course NOT, but this is how we grade all garments and expect each size to fit.

Team STORY is working hard on all Above aspects to make our customer happy, and looking to better this over time.

Thank you.

Team Story.